Adam And Eve

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Let me first begin by praising the clarity in which Jack Kelley composes his interpretations of the Bible stories we’ve been repeatedly taught throughout the course of our lives – especially those of us living in the Protestant-rich Bible Belt down south.

In this article, he gives readers the clearest depiction of The Fall of Man I’ve ever heard, and answers the tough questions, further clarifying how the scenario might have actually gone down.  By sharing the cultural and known historical context present at the author’s time of writing, and cross-referencing the original Hebrew and/or Greek translations with present-day Bible versions, we are shown how and why human beings have gotten to where we are today.

I believe that every story, word, parable, lesson taught in the Bible can and should be interpreted as literal.  I believe that the scientific evidence to prove a literal translation exists, we just have to look for it.  You see, I am the type of person who must always test everything in life before I can accept it as “fact,” seeing religion and my self-purpose no differently.  I feel that with enough research and cross-referencing, even the most adamant non-Christians would come to believe that Jesus Christ was sent to our planet to save God’s creation, and give us the eternal life we were originally intended to have.

My journey to this point has taken almost two years, so trying to get it out on paper may take some time.  However, I am happy and willing to do so, and fear no question thrown my way.  In the midst of my “creative revolution,” I have found the Word of God to be the most inspiring and highest motivator when determining the direction in which my path should go.  I hope that by reading this article, or any of my posts to come, light may be shed on any doubt that might be dancing around your heart and soul, keeping you from moving forward.


What are your thoughts?

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