How Come No One Ever Says…

*agree!* Love does not equal pain….

Black Boi Magick

Load up on guns!

BEFORE entering a relationship?

The way my mind thinks, sometimes even I don’t get it, but…ok, I’m an avid music lover & it influences me in a lot of ways. Take writing for example, this one line:
“load up on guns” from Smells Like Teen Spirit took me to a point in some relationships where it’s seems like a war zone.
Now. Those types of relationships, been there, done that & thank you very fuckin much, but no thank you.
However, when some shit just isn’t meant to be & for obvious & strange reasons (insecurity, comfort, etc) people “shoot it out” with words & do things to one another…man, it’s just not worth it.
I guess it’s a part of growing.
Not for everyone

If you feel like you need “emotional ammo” get the hell out of hell and Love YOU

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