what would I remove from the world? (blogging challenge)

Green Tree

In response to HarsH ReaLiTy’s Blogging Challenge (found here), I’m beginning with Question #2.  Yes, I said I’m beginning with this question.  Because I found this post *most* inspiring, I hope to answer more than just one.  Check out the original post for all of the questions in the challenge.

2. If you could remove one thing, person, or place from this world what would it be? Would the intent be beneficial for everyone or just you?

I would remove addiction from the world.  Not just addiction from drugs and alcohol, but human nature’s addiction for things beyond our control in general.  We all have tendencies to place work, extracurricular activities, relationships, etc. before what is most important in life.  We search the world over, looking outside of ourselves to find the peace that can only come from looking within by studying our souls.

The intent behind this removal would not only be beneficial for myself, but for the world as a whole.  If people could cognitively focus all of their energy on bettering themselves and the reality surrounding them without the distractions of addiction, wouldn’t we all agree that the world would be a better place?

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