Choice, Not Chance?

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“It’s choice, not chance, that determines your destiny.” -Jean Nidetch

I am *finally* adding content to Quotes – Reinterpreted, a category whose title I’m considering rethinking.  The quotes I plan on “reinterpreting,” are really just how I interpret them and apply them to my life; they are words that I derive inspiration from.  So why not start out with the most important intangible gift, we as humans have received?  Free will…

Free will is known as the ability for human beings to choose for themselves, the direction his or her life will go. Most of us do have the ability to choose how we take our coffee, our favorite color, and even what kind of car we drive. However, before we can freely choose our life’s direction, as an individual, we must psychologically awaken our minds from its natural state of sleep (or sin state.)

While in this natural state, we are asleep to the manipulation of outside influence on our lives.  These outside influences do not necessarily have to be as intentional as propaganda. Things like sharing interests with those close to us, or relying on guidance from family members, are both external influences that can sway us in one direction or another. Don’t get me wrong, of course similar interests bring people closer together, and we should value and respect the opinions of our family members, especially if our actions affect them.

Where most of us are unintentionally misled, is when we allow others to dictate our actions because we want to “fit in,” or to avoid conflict or hurt feelings with family members, by going along with important life decisions, that are not necessarily in line with our heart’s desires. When we rely on others to discern our likes and dislikes, or to make our decisions for us, we begin to ignore our own conscience, put it on autopilot, and proceed with our lives as they are led by the world.

That being said, back to my interpretation of this quote – Choose to follow your heart; don’t leave it to chance, because chance is just as bad as not having a choice at all. You must first realize that you have a choice, and not allow yourself to be blindly led by others. Family and friends tend to look out for our well beings without considering how this protection will affect us long-term. You must always remember the natural state of sleep we are born into, and consider the chance that those trying to help, just might be sleep walking.

“Pick something and find beauty in it!”

What are your thoughts?

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