No Stress Allowed!



… promised, to my new friend, Ms. Tranquility!  I typed up this venting session last week, and would like to share with [all of] you, just in case anyone else out there is fighting to stay above water – Please know, you are not alone!


I’m not usually one to complain about the circumstances of life.

I understand the fact that each of us is fighting our own battle.

Knowing this, keeps me somewhat grounded and level headed. After all, I’m dealing with the same issues as everyone else, right? What makes me so special, that I should burden others with my problems, while they’re each bearing their own burdens?

I’m good at compartmentalizing, keeping the pressure bottled up. Sometimes it even relieves itself on its own, but when all of the compartments are full, and there’s no place to put the extra baggage, where does it go – In my lap? Thrown across the living room, out the back window?

If things are placed in my lap, I’m forced to deal with them right away, or else I won’t be able to stand up, function. And at 5 o’clock on a Wednesday, who wants to deal with a new problem that they have no means or capability to reconcile??

So….. This is me, throwing my red American Tourister suitcase, with all of my might, across the living room and through the back window. I will clean up the mess tomorrow.

What beauty is to be found in burden?

Christian Nuggets – The Indwelling Christ

The Holy Trinity in a nutshell:

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the witness of Jesus Christ, resides within those who believe, so that we may understand God’s purpose for our lives in order to glorify Him, the Father of all creation.

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Find beauty in ALL of God’s Creation.