DNA Analogy

I had a few more thoughts to add to this post, which is about our DNA coding. Check out the original post here.

The post begins similar to the following, but I expanded on an analogy that was only mentioned briefly…

The Word of God is physically evident through our DNA coding. Our souls receive commands from our body’s “programmer”. This is the same programmer who wrote our program into existence, in order to serve a specific need or purpose. This programmer installs updates and patches to our system as problems arise, in order to create more effective ways of serving our “software’s” intended purpose. Just as we would authorize a computer software update by clicking ‘ok’ or ‘install’, we must also authorize our programmer’s updates. We can do this by listening to what we know needs to be fixed within our essence/being, and then remaining proactive in our “patch’s” resolution to ensure proper installation and function. This update will also help us to better recognize future malfunctions prior to a system crash.

So we can choose to seek a higher state of function, by listening to and doing what will incrementally better ourselves over time, with an end goal of divinity/oneness with our “programmer”. Or we can stubbornly dwell unguarded, in the realm of the physical world, allowing our systems to run without security because we are too busy to simply click the ‘ok’ button. In turn, risking a life full of wasted time and continued frustration.  

It is your machine after all, so the choice is yours alone to make… All you need is a little cognition and patience. Please click okay and choose wisely?!

Find the beauty in yourself.


What are your thoughts?

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