…& then…


This was one of the first things I made, once I began actualizing the creativity that had eluded me for so long.  I’d gotten so lost in what the world wanted me to be, that I’d forgotten who I was – the things that, as an individual, made me complete (another post to follow on how you can do the same – find yourself – if that is something you’re currently struggling with!)

I’m not sure if you’ve read my bio, but I love making “something” out of “nothing,” and this is a good representation of that.  The materials I used:

  • a piece of cardboard, hand cut to shape
  • scraps of burlap to wrap around the cut cardboard
  • a re-used canvas board, painted with gray and white chevron stripes

….and voila!  A beautiful addition to the “gallery wall” that I was determined to adorn, only with  pieces I’d made by hand.  I will update this post with a completed version of my gallery wall once I find the best shot – I rearranged it a thousand times and although I photographically documented each revision, I must only display (what I feel) is worthy!  😉