God’s Love Fills the Earth

LOVE“The LORD loves what is righteous and just; his constant love fills the earth.”

Psalm 33:5 (GNT)

In reference to, “his constant love fills the earth,” what exactly is God’s love?  The love that is known by most of us as human beings is not the love of which this verse is referring. This love is an effect of the presence of the Holy Spirit, God’s witness and protector of man. Without it, what would be here to convict us of guilt or show us the good in the world?

We can know the Holy Spirit is present, when we clearly see and participate in the spreading of God’s light. Ways of doing this could include empathizing and forgiving others, remaining objective in social interactions, observing our behavior in order to catch the wrong we are doing and turn it right, so that others might model their behavior after our own, resulting in the incremental “betterness” of ourselves and those surrounding us. These selfless acts, and ultimate spreading of light, can only be attained through the indwelling of a deep agape love in the very core of our beings; in our hearts (or souls).

Therefore, God’s “constant love fills the earth,” by the continued presence of light, hope, and goodness in the world.  His Witness teaches us to love, by compelling us to do what God loves – that “what is righteous and just,” so that God’s love will continue to spread throughout the world, and “fill the earth.

“The LORD loves what is righteous and just, his constant love fills the earth.”



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Matthew 6:19-21…

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

-Matthew 6:19-21

I feel that my purpose on this earth, is to use my God-given gift of creativity to show the people who surround me (and who knows, even the world), that material things are just that – physical objects.  In the grand scheme of things, the kind of car you drive and your worldly possessions are considerably insignificant when compared to our place in this world and our eternity beyond it. I hope to show others how to recognize the beauty that surrounds us all, despite the devastation and destruction that is currently rampant in our world.  Any item – new or old – can and should be transformed into something that will enhance peace and increase positive energy in our daily environments.  By “recycling” items that would otherwise end up in landfills or on the side of the road, we can each do our part in maintaining the beauty of our creation, all while bringing about and maintaining peaceful and comfortable environments in the places we reside. So, I welcome you and encourage any feedback you might have about life, love, or even how to turn a knife rack into a candelabra! The purpose of this blog is to aid in my passion for enriching the lives of others through the various resources available to us all. Thank you for stopping by! I can’t wait to share more with you!