s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n.

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There comes a time in all of our lives when one feels the need to sit down, weigh the options of our path’s direction, and make a decision (conscious or not) to stay on our current route or make a right at the stop sign ahead.  Chances are, if you ever reach that stop sign, you’ll have no choice but to make a change in direction anyway – for if you stay on your current course, you risk living a life of regret, or worse…  I mean, you are stopping for a reason, right?

Those who can slow down long enough to see the stop sign to begin with, are few and far between, and those who actually choose the right direction??  Even fewer….

If you ever catch a glimpse of that stop sign or fork in the road, don’t just keep driving as if you never saw it.  Slow down and take a look around…. SEE what surrounds you.  FEEL the wind in your hair.  LISTEN to the diesel driving next to you.  KNOW where you are, not just where you’re going, because sometimes the path we started down merges with other roads, and although the destination is still the same, the scenery has changed.  Get off the interstate and hit the back roads!  This way, you are sure to slow it down!