‘Common Myrtle’ De-Mystified:

I’ve been working on a ‘Beauty’ category for my blog, where I plan to share key health & skin care benefits whose key benefits are derived from naturally occurring plant extracts.

The delay in my “Beauty Launch” is due to the overwhelming amount of information out there, regarding the myths, traditions and uses of these extracts.  So that this category “fits” properly with my other categories, I’m having to sort through relevant [historical] information for each plant’s key benefits, and how they have been traditionally used by our ancestors.  It’s coming (eventually), but it is definitely a timely process of development & coordination!

You will find a wonderful article by clicking the following link.  This ‘plant study’ will give you an idea of the type information I deem ‘relevant’ to my current blog content.

Enjoy!  A plant study of myrtle.

Scientific Mysticism

“The scientific method of study is applicable not only to the limited material or “physical” world but also to the infinite spiritual world. By exploring this world of living intelligent Spirit (which pervades all space, including the interiors of all physical bodies) we gain knowledge which enables us to discover for ourselves verifiable truths about the attributes of Spirit as well as the derived properties of matter.”

~Duncan MacDonald, ardue.org